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I am a Myanmar (Burmese) medical doctor, graduated (MBBS) from "University of Medicine (2), Yangon, Myanmar" in 2009. Unfortunately, the government (military junta at that time) could not provide graduate medical education to the whole batch of medical graduates including the one from the following year for about two years at that time. So, temporarily it seemed like I have lost my career path and the goal. I have volunteered in charity clinics and mobile clinics. I joined some private practice to stay in touch with clinical medicine as well as to make some money trying not to burden my family. I researched all the possible career pathways from where I was. Only one thing for sure was that I wanted to do clinical practice. Not in a lab. Not in a pharmaceutical company or an office. I want to deal with the illnesses directly. I want to speak to the patients.
Then, a big turn in my life came in 2011 when I've connected with one of my same-batch friends in Jamaica. Long story short, I moved to Jamaica, sat the registering/ licensing exam, became a registered medical doctor in December 2011 and started working as a locum intern at Kingston Public Hospital. That was the year that turn me into an independent and a mature person by jumping into the ocean from just being in a home pool. There were a lot of hard times (once I even cried myself at work because of unbearable stress and loneliness), but I felt lucky and enjoyed steering my life in my way, all by myself.
After I finished my SHO rotation in June 2013 and  I started working as a grade 1 Medical Officer (MO-1) in Linstead Public Hospital until late Summer in 2017.  I used to think about getting an MRCP in the U.K as it is a popular and reputable title in our country. Then I turned my attention to obtain a license to practice in the U.S as I would like to settle in there rather than staying in Jamaica. I could not sit down and study for the exams like others do, as I have to survive myself and support my family as needed. I tried my best to squeeze in little study hours and finished the USMLE steps required for ECFMG certification.
I feel like my life and career in the field of medicine would be a little bit different from many others out there who went to the med school, sit the exam and got into the residency program right away. I guess there are some other people, who came from different backgrounds and have been through various experiences, trying to get a residency training in the U.S after all. There were several times I needed help and felt lost at turning points throughout my career. Of course, There are many resources you can find on the internet today. However, I think the required updates and relevant resources are still scanty. Thus, I created this website to share experiences and useful resources for medical graduates to become an "Awesome Physician."
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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