Continuous Learning

I need to prepare for step 3 ASAP. But, I will not be ready for this Match season anyway. And the inbox full of rejection letters and no invitation for interview (so far) is quite depressing. Regardless, I am decided to keep rolling.

If you have explored my site a little bit you will see the projects – publications that I am working on right now. They are just case reports or abstracts but helpful for the beginner in a research and publication field like me. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Swan. If you have time, please make sure to check out the lists of websites and blogs I compiled as a bookmark list for myself.

I also enrolled some online courses that might be beneficial to me in order to keep myself busy. In that way, I can get some relief from a sort of depression from unemployed state. In case you are interested, there are a lot of useful online courses you can search for and learn. Many of them offer the course for free and sell the certificate. Followings are the list of a few I have tried:

Class-central is one of the hubs for Massive Open Online Courses  (MOOC project) I found useful.  Currently, I am learning this statistics course which must be useful for my step 3 exam.


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