First week in a type C hospital of a third world country

I couldn’t write any posts for a while because I was busy during these days just making a new move in my life. Since July 2013, when I finished my SHO period, I couldn’t obtain a new contract at the government hospitals and was just doing sessions at a private clinic.

Finally, I was assigned as a junior resident in Linstead Hospital in St. Catherine parish of Jamaica, which is a downgraded type C hospital meaning nothing much more than a comprehensive health center except a 24-hour emergency service with a capacity of 25 beds for inpatient management and a maternity unit. Basic lab and an X-ray department are just setting up and not ready yet. There are no consultants here and so if we need some specialist opinion and consultation, we have to contact other tertiary hospitals and transfer the patient if necessary.

This is not what I really wanted to do. I would like to treat the patient rather than asking for help, writing referral letters and transferring patients. I would like to do procedures, academic ward rounds, and case discussions. So, this place is just a crap? No, I believe I would learn something that I cannot get from tertiary hospitals here. As a matter of fact, I can learn emergency management along with case differentiation, spot diagnosis, prioritization, workup under limited resources, clinical judgment and so on. As it is not as busy as the Type A hospital I used to work at before, I think I can get a spared time to study for my exams MRCP or USMLE and post-graduate goals.

By far, I drive to my work from Kingston and it takes about an hour at least. The roads in Jamaica are hilly, narrow and rough in many areas, so I better relocate even though I don’t want to move from my current place, which is the house next to my girlfriend’s.  It is what we called life, isn’t it? Sometimes you have to do what you should do rather than what you really want to do.

Cheers !

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