Healing Hand became an Awesome Physician

Hello, everyone! I was away from my personal blog “Healing Hand” for such a long time. Now, I have decided to give some time on it by sharing more and promote my online presence.
I even bought a hosting and a domain to make it my own. I changed the name to “Awesome Physician” along with the sub-name “Medicine4ExamPrep”. Yes, I know that the name sounds cheesy but hey, that’s about my dream. I always wanted to be an awesome physician. A real lifesaver.  Anyway, this gonna be my personal website as well as a hub for knowledge sharing among the peers.
To give you update, I traveled from Jamaica to the U.S in early July 2017. I took USMLE step 2 CS in late July and just received an ECFMG certification. Now, I am preparing for Step 3 which I plan to take in early 2018. In fact, I applied for 2018 residency Match, but my chances are extremely low due to the red flags in terms of scores and year of graduation. It is proven by the fact that I get no Interview invitation to the time I am writing this post.
Nevertheless, I am trying myself to keep up with any opportunities. I have got a publication of a case report. I will share more about it later. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Alexander Swan for all the help and guidance he has given to me. I am trying to get more publications or research as well as U.S clinical Experience (USCE) as long as I am staying here. Meanwhile, I have to study for the Step 3 and find a way to cover a part of my living cost in the U.S before getting into residency.
Overall, it is all exciting what will come next. Stay tuned.

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