Top 10 Medical Apps for Android

Technology is indispensable nowadays. I remember the days I used to do clinical rounds back in the days with pocket handbooks, a folder of lecture notes and a calculator (literally a calculator with numeric keypad). When I was a final year med student, I envied one of my friends using a medical calculator on his Nokia cell phone. I was like, wow, that’s so cool. Then, in a few years, the mobile technology developed dramatically. Today, basically all the information you need can be obtained in your smartphone or a tablet.

Here, I would like to mention the medical apps that I have been using on my Android devices. All of them are available on “Google Play store” for FREE. I excluded some popular and useful apps with either paid subscription or expensive such as UpToDate and OHCM9.

1. Medscape

One of my favorite reference apps; you can have offline access except for pictures and videos if you downloaded the data. You can get:

  • CLINICAL REFERENCE FROM MEDSCAPE REFERENCE – Drugs; Diseases, Conditions & Procedures; Medical Calculators

2. Epocrates Plus

An alternative to Medscape. You have to pay for the paid service. I like the calculators in it too.

3. Calculate by QxMD

Calculate, calculate, calculate!

4. MedCalc Medical Calculator

Another useful one with tons of medical calculators

5. NICE Guidance

No need to explain as the name implies. It must be very useful especially if you are practicing in the UK or in the healthcare system that is inspired by NHS.

6. Prognosis – Your Diagnosis

A collection of great case scenarios for clinical practice, judgment, and decision. Discussion part is really awesome. There may be some controversial steps of management but certainly, you will learn something at the end.

7.  Clinical Sense

Clinical case scenarios and the rationale created by the same developers of Prognosis

8. Quick LabRef

Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference

9. MPR

This Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) provides concise prescription and OTC drug information, side effects and interactions. If you are practicing in the U.S, you should definitely check out GoodRx for Doctors.

10. MedEx – Clinical Examination

Pretty good app to review your clinical skills before exam or OSCEs

Some other apps that I tried and worth to mention are:

Teach Me Anatomy

A very useful comprehensive anatomy reference review with quizzes and clinical pearls to test your knowledge.


A small app for eye conditions which was intended for medical students but I found really helpful and informative. Unfortunately no more updates 🙁

Eye Handbook

Another good reference for ophthalmology


If you know any other good apps, please give me a link and the information under the comments below.

Thank you.

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