Medical Doctor
1223/A, Kone Baung 15th Street, Ward 6, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

An MBBS Graduate from University of Medicine 2, Yangon, Myanmar with over six years of clinical experience and training in Jamaica; now, seeking opportunity to get into Residency training program (PGY-1 position) in the USA.

2002 – 2008
University of Medicine 2, Yangon Myanmar

Graduated in February 2009

2016 – 2017
United States Medical Licensing Examination
  • Step 1      : passed on the first attempt
  • Step 2 CK : passed on the first attempt
  • Step 2 CS : passed on the first attempt
  • ECFMG certified in October 2017
Prof. Alexander M. Swan, New Jersey
AUGUST 2017 – AUGUST 2018, 18 hours/week
Clinical Extern

Shadow Dr. Swan at the Nephrology and Hypertension clinic, the Garden State kidney center, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway and CareOne At Highlands, Subacute Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey

Dr. Atul Chokshi, New York
AUGUST 2017 – SEPTEMBER 2017, 32 hours/week
Clinical Extern

Clinical externship at Dr. Chokshi’s cardiology clinic Observed cardiac intervention techniques at Interfaith Medical Center

Linstead Public Hospital, Linstead, Jamaica
NOVEMBER 2013 – JULY 2017, 56 hours/week
Medical Officer

Full-time clinical rotation with day and night shifts covering Emergency Department of the Type C hospital (district hospital)

Portmore Healthcare Complex, Portmore, Jamaica
AUGUST 2014 – MARCH 2017, 12 hours/week
Primary Care Practitioner

Outpatient care at the private clinic; managed a variety of patients and illness. Minor procedures such as suturing of minor lacerations, abscess drainage, and sample collection including vaginal swab and Pap smears were performed. Please visit their Facebook Page for more info

Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
APRIL 2013 – JUNE 2013, 48 hours/week
Senior House Officer at Neonatal Care Unit

Carried out neonatal resuscitation, critical care of a newborn, and stabilization at the Neonatal Care Unit Performed bedside procedures including peripheral IV cannulation, intubation and assisted ventilation with CPAP. Health education and counseling to the parents of newly born patients, particularly with critically ill neonates and those born with hereditary defects.

Kingston Public Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
JANUARY 2013 – MARCH 2013, 48 hours/week
Senior House Officer at Radiology Department

Studied basics of diagnostic imaging techniques including X-ray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound. Also assisted on reporting X-rays

Kingston Public Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
JULY 2012 – DECEMBER 2012, 56 hours/week
Senior House Officer at Urology Department

Six months rotation in Urology Department and trained in both inpatient and outpatient settings Performed minor urological procedures including catheterization and suprapubic cystostomy

Bustamante Hospital for Children, Kingston, Jamaica
APRIL 2012 – JUNE 2012, 56 hours/week
Intern at Pediatric Ward

Carried out day and night duties including 24 hour-shifts in pediatric Ward Performed clinical assessment (detailed history, physical examination) and established care plan as supervised by Medical Officers and Senior Registrar. Performed various bedside procedures including lumbar puncture

Kingston Public Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
JANUARY 2012 – MARCH 2012, 56 hours/week
Intern at General Surgical Ward

Three months rotation in Surgical department at KPH Basic surgical procedures including but not limited to the application of local anesthesia and wound suturing, incision and drainage, digital amputation, and chest tube management.

Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
OCTOBER 2011 – DECEMBER 2011, 56 hours/week
Intern at Ob/Gyn Ward

Three months rotation in Obstetrics and Gynecology department at VJH Equally rotated labor ward and gynecological ward and carried out 24-hour duties for at least twice per week. Also attended the antenatal clinic and assisted on breastfeeding education and family planning sections. Labor management and normal vaginal deliveries including suturing of lacerations were performed

Kingston Public Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
JULY 2011 – SEPTEMBER 2011, 56 hours/week
Intern at Medical Ward

Three months rotation in the Department of Medicine at KPH Carried out detailed history taking and thorough physical examination to admitting patients and discussed the care plan with the seniors. Also performed minor procedures such as phlebotomy, peripheral IV cannulation, urethral catheterization, abdominal paracentesis and thoracentesis

Aung Yadana Specialist Hospital (Private), Yangon, Myanmar
OCTOBER 2010 – DECEMBER 2010, 40 hours/week
Assistant Medical Officer

On the floor (covering 13 patient rooms), performed complete history taking, thorough physical examination for all admitted patients. Then, a management plan was discussed with the senior attending physician and implemented to the patient. Included 24-hour duties, where all patient complaints and urgent response were addressed. Telephone consultation and/or referrals to specialists were carried out as required.

Aung Clinic (Private), Yangon, Myanmar
MAY2010 – SEPTEMBER 2010, 40 hours/week
Primary Care Practitioner

Primary health care at a private office owned by a senior medical doctor, who specialized in Infectious Diseases particularly Tuberculosis. The clinic is supported by WHO and able to assist the patients with a free supply of required medications. Also participated in family planning by providing counseling and IUD insertion.

Ngwesaung Resorts by Htoo Foundation, Ngwesaung, Myanmar
MARCH 2010 – APRIL 2010, 40 hours/week
Hotel in-house doctor

24/7 Medical cover at Myanmar Treasure and Aureum Palace Resorts at Ngwesaung Beach for eight weeks Provided primary health care for hotel guests and the staff members

Thingangyun Sanpya Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar
Intern or House Officer

Training in major facilities including medicine, surgery, obstetric and gynecology and pediatric departments for three months in each department There were also short-term training (two weeks on average) at urology, gastroenterology and orthopedics wards Also participated in community health training program and carried out surveys on public health awareness

Academy of Medical & Public Health Services (AMPHS)
2017 – Present

Providing medical check-ups, screening, counseling, and education to the community members around Brooklyn, New York as a clinician at AMPHS

Shwe Pyi Hein Clinic, Yangon, Myanmar
JUNE 2017 – FEBRUARY 2010
Primary Care Practitioner

Provided primary health care, check-up, screening and counseling to the patients at the charity clinic

The Myanmar American Medical Education Society, Myanmar (MAMES)
JULY 2008 – AUGUST 2008, 20 hours/week
Primary Healthcare Provider

Associated with the healthcare and donation team funded by MAMES, we provided primary health care and counseling to the survivors of the cyclone Nargis (killed 138,366 people in Myanmar in 2008) in Dedaye Township

University of Medicine 2, Myanmar
JUNE 2008 – JUNE 2008, 40 hours/week
Junior medical doctor

A two-weeks camping visit to one of the damaged towns, Myaungmya, after the impact of cyclone Nargis. Primary health care, as well as health education, counseling and moral support, was provided to the survivors in the township

A Case of Calciphylaxis in a Patient with Dialysis Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease: Case Report
Published on October 12 2017

Extensive Skin Necrosis Ulcers and Systemic Vascular Insufficiency Syndrome with Calciphylaxis: A Case Report Click here to view the article.
Ref: Urol Nephrol Open Access J 5(4): 00180. DOI: 10.15406/unoaj.2017.05.00180

New Onset of Multi-drug Hypersensitivity Reactions after Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C with Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir in CKD: Case Report
Pending Publication

New Onset of Multi-drug Hypersensitivity Reactions after Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C with Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir in a patient with CKD

New insight and methadology of long lasting successful reduction in overweight and obesity in USA.
Pending Publication

Here, Dr. Swan practiced himself and applied to many of his clients a Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet (VLCKD) and observed a great success in weight loss plus bonus reduction in cardiovascular risks and complications. The diet excludes dietary consumption of all carbohydrates (including dietary fiber) and suggests fat as the primary source of energy with sufficient amount of protein.

Therapeutic Response of Natural Adrenocorotropin in Treatment of Proteinuria due to ANCA Negative PauciImmune Crescentic Glomerulonephritis: Case Report
Published on January 31 2018

A case report on the role of ACTH injection to control proteinuria and hematuria in a patient with ANCA negative pauci-immune glomerulonephritis presented as a nephritic-nephrotic syndrome. Click here to view the article.
Ref: Urol Nephrol Open Access J 2018, 6(1): 00198


Plate for Recognition and Appreciation
June 2017
by Southeast Regional Health Authority (SERHA)

Award by Southeast Regional Health Authority (SERHA) in Jamaica in recognition and appreciation of 3 years of dedicated service to the Linstead Public Hospital

Certificate of Appreciation
December 2014
by Linstead Hospital Staff Welfare Committee

Certificate of Appreciation for 1 year of dedicated service to the Linstead Hospital from November 2013 to December 2014

Certificate of Appreciation
January 12, 2009

Certificate was presented for dedication and support in humanitarian mission to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis during the period of August-November 2008

Myanmar American Medical Education Society, Inc. (MAMES)

Myanmar American Medical Education Society, Inc. (MAMES)

American Medical Association (AMA)
October 2017

Please visit the website of American Medical Association


Jamaica Medical Doctor Association (JMDA)
September 2017

Please visit the website of Jamaica Medical Doctor Association (JMDA)

Myanmar Medical Association (MMA)
Lifetime Member

Please visit the website of  Myanmar Medical Association (MMA)


Theravada Buddhist Association of Jamaica (TBAJ)

The only and the most influential Burmese community/society in Jamaica


Language Skills

English   :  advanced/fluent

Burmese : native

Spanish  :  basic

I'm Good At
Primary Care
Many years of clinical experience and practice in several different types of clinics with a diverse culture, ethnic backgrounds in different countries help me improve my clinical skills in primary care significantly
Patient Education and Counseling
A good command in language combined with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Basic surgical procedures including suture, drainage of the abscess, catheterization, etc.
A good leader means a good follower as well.
My creativity will be well understood by visiting this webpage and checking out my Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/people/fotodoctor/